Step out &. Be Fearless 💪🏽💙

028C3ADC-E07D-4CD7-8F64-D2DB3D333A0CFA9E89D8-F42B-4770-B852-9065B414FE80Over the last few days I’ve been able to reflect and almost be pushed to talk about My Favorite F word ( No it’s not what you’re thinking…I’m not the Potty mouth type here lol) It’s “Fear” I feel we don’t talk about this enough and we should to be honest..We should be helping others who are struggling with this & sharing our stories to influence people who need it.I certainly don’t think I’m some kind of know it all Guru but I feel the more I’m open about my battles & struggles.I have come to realize we are all so different but at the same time very much the same… As I prepare mentally for this new chapter of my life to unfold, I’ve been fortunate to be getting constant “reminders” to be Fear Less! I’m usually always telling others & myself to just Go for it! Push thru! Give up on that Fear and be Courageous yada yada yada..You know how I do, if there’s anything I know I am, is a Strong Encourager!I have to be honest tho I haven’t always been this way took me a few bumps on the road to get it right. Once in a while I do need a little reminder!…As I meet others of my same age, older & younger, we all seem to share this thing ( it doesn’t seem to discriminate) Fear of not doing enough, Fear of not making it,Fear of not finding meaning,Fear of not being happy,Fear of loving, Fear of not loving,Fear of being yourself,Fear of not saying enough or saying too little, Fears,Fears and more fears ( the list can go on forever) I get it trust me, I’ve been there done that..As I sank deeper into my fears I felt trapped I felt as if it was sinking me down with no escape..But why? I allowed it, I allowed my thoughts to keep me captive and all my negatives to come against me. I also realized I allowed people to influence me & tell me what I wouldn’t be able to accomplish, they told me things would be hard, it’s dangerous , they told me that’s never been done before, etc…Ever been stuck in a situation, where you felt there was no way out? That’s exactly where I was.Now in retrospect and also learning from prior situations. I feel I have a few steps, that really helped me to get out and step up to face My Fears( One by one, I’ve been able to conquer them) Apply the following if and when necessary & also not to be used in any specific order ) I started first by not listening to others around me (Yup I stayed far away from everyone that told me I couldn’t and shouldn’t) I always say make sure your circle is rowing with you not against you, I can’t emphasize this enough! I grabbed my notebook ( yes I’m old school like that lol ) I made a list with goals that scared the life out of Me and I started.I also trusted that life outside of my comfort zone would get me exactly where I need to be even if it was uncomfortable.After all if we only stay where we are comfortable, how are we able to grow & be challenged?Lastly I put my Faith In God and trusted him with all my heart ♥️ that if I faced my Fears and had full faith, he would meet me where I’m at and give me the Courage and Strength I needed along the way.. My go to verse is always “Be Strong and Courageous, Do not be afraid…”For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go “ Joshua 1:9 I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the Bible tells us almost 400 times not to fear..
Looking back on all my experiences,I did them even if I was fearful at the moment. I was so glad I did & I never regretted taking those steps. Here’s some examples just to name a few :I packed up and Moved across the country(Did I have a set plan? Ummm not exactly) Skydiving( when I’m deadly scared of heights) International Mission trips (without knowing my team too well) Leaving a Career where I knew I had security (it no longer fulfilled me) Leaving friendships & relationships (knowing in my heart they no longer served me)Giving a presentation at a new place (I had no idea this was happening but I winged it and surprise I even got a huge applause at the end) Starting a Blog I’ve always wanted to do ( But being a private person and not having the courage had held me back)Who woulda thought but you get my point Right?..
So this brings me to my final thing I’d like to share…The next time you’re anxious or fearful about whatever it is ( apply accordingly )
Breathe & Step out with Courage & Just go for it! ( Keep in mind that 90% of what we think as far any negatives never happen!) There’s no failing in this…Only time you fail is when you don’t try! 💪🏽 Run! don’t walk towards whatever sets your soul on fire 🔥 even when it’s “scary” I encourage you to Be a little more “Fearless “ and Go for it! Your best life is waiting for you 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


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