Why we should always be a kid at heart ♥️

8837279E-3990-41E1-B9F2-9EE35D163B9578F3E514-827C-42F3-A064-0AED8A2C112FAEE028AC-B8E9-4D8E-AA9A-C502915D3184.jpegI believe in many ways as we grow older,we lose our sense of wonder, we lose that curiosity that life gives us, we tend to gain some fears & thoughts that never would’ve crossed our minds as kids.  We sometimes forget to play & be kid like..We forget to view things with child like eyes, We even forget to laugh, dance and be silly…
I’ll share a little truth with you, as I hit my Big 3-0! ( I felt I was entering a whole new world for Me) I was actually a little sad or maybe slightly worried. It wasn’t so much because of my age but more so because I knew to a certain extent my Life was about to go thru some major changes (Let’s just say things Got pretty “Real”  for Me.That will be another story post, for another day)If I’m 100 %  honest tho I really wondered? I often caught myself thinking 🤔 💭 Do I have to be a Boring & Serious 30 something year old? What is that anyway ?Luckily for me those questions were soon answered.. The good news ? Little did I know that I was becoming more Me than ever… A More “ Authentic “ Me! Now in restrospect it’s been a sweet, sometimes crazy and very fulfilling process since then.

So all of this got me thinking. I know we can partially blame it on the everyday “routine” &  the hustle & bustle that become our daily norm..I mean we are “Grown Ups ” now,  right? We have things to do & endless lists…Who has time to be silly? Right ?…We are so busy “Adulting “ becoming accomplished, responsible, and highly respected people.
Let’s face it though we are happier if we find a middle ground..I like to call it My happy medium… The older & more real I get with myself & the more aware I am.I truly believe it’s a necessity to be silly at times, to laugh at the small things even if you’re laughing at yourself😂..( how Ironic right? ) Laughing to me is the best cure even in the worst times..Being that I’ve always been a little clown as a child, I guess it’s safe to say it comes natural but even I myself need a reminder from time to time…Nothing beats a good deep belly laugh ( the ones that leave you feeling like you have abs or even better the ones that leave you literally in tears &  barely breathing )
The best teachers I’ve found have been kids.Interacting with them is the best! The truth is I love kids because I’m a big kid myself…What amazes me is to witness how much imagination, curiosity and joy they have.How funny they naturally are.That’s  the beauty of kids, they aren’t worried about what others think , they just are who they are.That’s a basic lesson for us, even as we grow up and become who we’re so busy becoming. We should keep that inner child laughing, playing and being genuine..
As I’m here reflecting &  turning yet another year older.Things may get very  “Real” for me with each passing year as I face new challenges (& on some days I feel like a True Grandma haha 👵🏼 nevertheless a cool fun one of course) I’m really content that I’ve learned to tap into & embrace silliness, joy, curiosity & playfulness..I mean let’s be honest, being an Adult is hard work & I never want to be that person that takes herself way too seriously ( I highly doubt it’s possible even if I try) So please excuse me while I go throw some confetti,get pushed around in a shopping cart, dance like no one is watching( & if they are who cares! Hey maybe they’ll join haha) I’ll just keep being my “Normal” silly & extra goofy self (while making those facial expressions that never lie) & of course I’m going to continue to laugh a little bit or better yet A lot!.. Let’s Learn to be more of that inner kid until it becomes infectious! Til the next post…Later 🐒💜 ✌🏼✌🏼😜😬🙊


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