Some Practical Tips that have helped me through Life âœï¸


1. Let Go of the past…Seriously tho, you are not your past nor your mistakes..Forgive people and forgive yourself…Make peace with the fact that some people, places and things are only holding you back.Learn to let go gracefully..You’re only making room for better things..That right there is True Freedom!
2. Take Risks! I mean how many times have you been given an opportunity & you stopped yourself for whatever reason?…I bet the answer is many times..Learn to jump and figure the rest out later..Sometimes it’s now or never..So Go for it!
3. Show Up and Be on time! (Ok the second part I’m still working on if I’m completely honest 🤦🏻‍♀️ ) Showing up tho & giving everything your best shot..That’s the ultimate feeling
4. Don’t listen to what others say..I’ve learned people will always have an “Opinion” be negative or tell you what to with your life…Now don’t get me wrong, good feedback or constructive criticism is great but Don’t listen to the Naysayers..Trust me on this one, If I listened to them I wouldn’t have gone anywhere in Life..This is your journey and yours alone.. You are responsible for your outcomes, Make sure you’re writing Your Greatest story!
5. Be whatever you are..If you’re weird be weird!( simple as that)  Be unapologetic about these things. I think I’m very Unique & far from typical (sometimes a little too silly & I laugh way too much when I shouldn’t )but I kinda Love it! Be yourself & Be okay with that! Own your personality, Own your flaws Just own it & all of it!
6. Don’t try to impress others! ..Some will love you no matter what & others won’t…It’s Life…That’s why it’s so Important to watch your Company..You are the people you are around..The right people will support you, lift you up, will be there through good and bad, tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it and be there to celebrate with you of course!
7. For everything there is a Time and A Season, so don’t rush things…I’m a firm believer in timing…The right time will create the right opportunities..Be patient some things will be worth the wait
8. Be Kind everyone is battling something…Listen I know I have my days I wish no one would talk to me & the last thing I want to do is engage in conversation…However “kindness is everything ” & I don’t say it loosely..We all have our struggles, some of us just hide them better..When we are ok with those things we can actually work on them and they don’t own us…So it’s Definitely Ok not to have it all together all the time..In fact I think it’s healthy to lose yourself here and there so you can reconstruct from the bottom( the only way is up) ..Do things wiser 🙌🏼
9. Be the first to Smile, to talk to someone, to start a conversation, be bold.You never know what that can lead you to.That person may very well be your next boss, best friend,next business partner, special someone etc. You really never know trust me some of the best people I’ve met in life have been because I took the initiative!


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