Our Scars


Our scars they shape us, they teach us, they break us & sometimes repair us, they are carried well within us…Some of us are built tougher than others but we all have them..Some of our scars remind us of tragic events while others are bittersweet bringing back certain thoughts or memories..Yet these scars in my personal opinion are Crucial in life for growth & development and of course for Good Ole Learning. I am one to believe we must embrace pain & learn to cope as everything in life is a balance of both Good and Bad…So maybe our Scars they aren’t so bad after all…They are there, implanted in our brains.At times they give us hope (depending on the circumstance) At Times they may paralyze us due to a prior events that may have ended in the wrong direction.Whatever the outcome, Scars I️ do love them. You see because just like these pages they are written inside each of us painted into our souls.Somehow these scars are made Beautiful, They are deep & well put into us..There is something so perfect about these Scars, They tell a story and just like finger prints no two scars are ever the same..Each one carries its individual impact..If you ask me to be honest I’d be the first to admit, I’m actually proud of all my scars!They remind me how strong & resilient I️ can be.I’m reminded how some battles are won and some not so much nevertheless  I’m reminded of My Scars &  they’re Beautiful! 💪🏼❤️✨A736D485-7943-4E99-8CA2-350A0FB36505 ❤️💪🏼✨


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