This Experiment called “Life”

948DF8C9-DBFF-41D4-84FC-46324E2079ADThe best way I can describe Life is… it’s one ” Big Experiment” A constant journey of growth and never ending learning.Some days we are so High on life & some days we look like The Grinch who stole Christmas haha (yes we all have our days)Will we be making mistakes? I say, Absolutely! I really hope we are making them and lots of them because if we aren’t, are we even Living? Or just getting by or even worse being Stagnant…Staying in one place letting our fears take over…Now let me clarify in no way, shape or form am I telling you to be reckless with your life but what I am saying is I hope that when you do have a chance you take a New opportunity you take it without the fear of failing, I believe the only way we can really fail is by never trying anything…So I hope that you take this one life that you’re given and experience it, savor it, cherish it and Live as best as possible! I hope that Fear is not your strong hold to keep you prisoner of somewhere you shouldn’t be…I hope that you look back someday with A Big Smile knowing that you really LIVED! And “Lived a Great Story “👍


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