Step out &. Be Fearless 💪🏽💙

028C3ADC-E07D-4CD7-8F64-D2DB3D333A0CFA9E89D8-F42B-4770-B852-9065B414FE80Over the last few days I’ve been able to reflect and almost be pushed to talk about My Favorite F word ( No it’s not what you’re thinking…I’m not the Potty mouth type here lol) It’s “Fear” I feel we don’t talk about this enough and we should to be honest..We should be helping others who are struggling with this & sharing our stories to influence people who need it.I certainly don’t think I’m some kind of know it all Guru but I feel the more I’m open about my battles & struggles.I have come to realize we are all so different but at the same time very much the same… As I prepare mentally for this new chapter of my life to unfold, I’ve been fortunate to be getting constant “reminders” to be Fear Less! I’m usually always telling others & myself to just Go for it! Push thru! Give up on that Fear and be Courageous yada yada yada..You know how I do, if there’s anything I know I am, is a Strong Encourager!I have to be honest tho I haven’t always been this way took me a few bumps on the road to get it right. Once in a while I do need a little reminder!…As I meet others of my same age, older & younger, we all seem to share this thing ( it doesn’t seem to discriminate) Fear of not doing enough, Fear of not making it,Fear of not finding meaning,Fear of not being happy,Fear of loving, Fear of not loving,Fear of being yourself,Fear of not saying enough or saying too little, Fears,Fears and more fears ( the list can go on forever) I get it trust me, I’ve been there done that..As I sank deeper into my fears I felt trapped I felt as if it was sinking me down with no escape..But why? I allowed it, I allowed my thoughts to keep me captive and all my negatives to come against me. I also realized I allowed people to influence me & tell me what I wouldn’t be able to accomplish, they told me things would be hard, it’s dangerous , they told me that’s never been done before, etc…Ever been stuck in a situation, where you felt there was no way out? That’s exactly where I was.Now in retrospect and also learning from prior situations. I feel I have a few steps, that really helped me to get out and step up to face My Fears( One by one, I’ve been able to conquer them) Apply the following if and when necessary & also not to be used in any specific order ) I started first by not listening to others around me (Yup I stayed far away from everyone that told me I couldn’t and shouldn’t) I always say make sure your circle is rowing with you not against you, I can’t emphasize this enough! I grabbed my notebook ( yes I’m old school like that lol ) I made a list with goals that scared the life out of Me and I started.I also trusted that life outside of my comfort zone would get me exactly where I need to be even if it was uncomfortable.After all if we only stay where we are comfortable, how are we able to grow & be challenged?Lastly I put my Faith In God and trusted him with all my heart ♥️ that if I faced my Fears and had full faith, he would meet me where I’m at and give me the Courage and Strength I needed along the way.. My go to verse is always “Be Strong and Courageous, Do not be afraid…”For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go “ Joshua 1:9 I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the Bible tells us almost 400 times not to fear..
Looking back on all my experiences,I did them even if I was fearful at the moment. I was so glad I did & I never regretted taking those steps. Here’s some examples just to name a few :I packed up and Moved across the country(Did I have a set plan? Ummm not exactly) Skydiving( when I’m deadly scared of heights) International Mission trips (without knowing my team too well) Leaving a Career where I knew I had security (it no longer fulfilled me) Leaving friendships & relationships (knowing in my heart they no longer served me)Giving a presentation at a new place (I had no idea this was happening but I winged it and surprise I even got a huge applause at the end) Starting a Blog I’ve always wanted to do ( But being a private person and not having the courage had held me back)Who woulda thought but you get my point Right?..
So this brings me to my final thing I’d like to share…The next time you’re anxious or fearful about whatever it is ( apply accordingly )
Breathe & Step out with Courage & Just go for it! ( Keep in mind that 90% of what we think as far any negatives never happen!) There’s no failing in this…Only time you fail is when you don’t try! 💪🏽 Run! don’t walk towards whatever sets your soul on fire 🔥 even when it’s “scary” I encourage you to Be a little more “Fearless “ and Go for it! Your best life is waiting for you 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


Why we should always be a kid at heart ♥️

8837279E-3990-41E1-B9F2-9EE35D163B9578F3E514-827C-42F3-A064-0AED8A2C112FAEE028AC-B8E9-4D8E-AA9A-C502915D3184.jpegI believe in many ways as we grow older,we lose our sense of wonder, we lose that curiosity that life gives us, we tend to gain some fears & thoughts that never would’ve crossed our minds as kids.  We sometimes forget to play & be kid like..We forget to view things with child like eyes, We even forget to laugh, dance and be silly…
I’ll share a little truth with you, as I hit my Big 3-0! ( I felt I was entering a whole new world for Me) I was actually a little sad or maybe slightly worried. It wasn’t so much because of my age but more so because I knew to a certain extent my Life was about to go thru some major changes (Let’s just say things Got pretty “Real”  for Me.That will be another story post, for another day)If I’m 100 %  honest tho I really wondered? I often caught myself thinking 🤔 💭 Do I have to be a Boring & Serious 30 something year old? What is that anyway ?Luckily for me those questions were soon answered.. The good news ? Little did I know that I was becoming more Me than ever… A More “ Authentic “ Me! Now in restrospect it’s been a sweet, sometimes crazy and very fulfilling process since then.

So all of this got me thinking. I know we can partially blame it on the everyday “routine” &  the hustle & bustle that become our daily norm..I mean we are “Grown Ups ” now,  right? We have things to do & endless lists…Who has time to be silly? Right ?…We are so busy “Adulting “ becoming accomplished, responsible, and highly respected people.
Let’s face it though we are happier if we find a middle ground..I like to call it My happy medium… The older & more real I get with myself & the more aware I am.I truly believe it’s a necessity to be silly at times, to laugh at the small things even if you’re laughing at yourself😂..( how Ironic right? ) Laughing to me is the best cure even in the worst times..Being that I’ve always been a little clown as a child, I guess it’s safe to say it comes natural but even I myself need a reminder from time to time…Nothing beats a good deep belly laugh ( the ones that leave you feeling like you have abs or even better the ones that leave you literally in tears &  barely breathing )
The best teachers I’ve found have been kids.Interacting with them is the best! The truth is I love kids because I’m a big kid myself…What amazes me is to witness how much imagination, curiosity and joy they have.How funny they naturally are.That’s  the beauty of kids, they aren’t worried about what others think , they just are who they are.That’s a basic lesson for us, even as we grow up and become who we’re so busy becoming. We should keep that inner child laughing, playing and being genuine..
As I’m here reflecting &  turning yet another year older.Things may get very  “Real” for me with each passing year as I face new challenges (& on some days I feel like a True Grandma haha 👵🏼 nevertheless a cool fun one of course) I’m really content that I’ve learned to tap into & embrace silliness, joy, curiosity & playfulness..I mean let’s be honest, being an Adult is hard work & I never want to be that person that takes herself way too seriously ( I highly doubt it’s possible even if I try) So please excuse me while I go throw some confetti,get pushed around in a shopping cart, dance like no one is watching( & if they are who cares! Hey maybe they’ll join haha) I’ll just keep being my “Normal” silly & extra goofy self (while making those facial expressions that never lie) & of course I’m going to continue to laugh a little bit or better yet A lot!.. Let’s Learn to be more of that inner kid until it becomes infectious! Til the next post…Later 🐒💜 ✌🏼✌🏼😜😬🙊

Some Practical Tips that have helped me through Life ✍️


1. Let Go of the past…Seriously tho, you are not your past nor your mistakes..Forgive people and forgive yourself…Make peace with the fact that some people, places and things are only holding you back.Learn to let go gracefully..You’re only making room for better things..That right there is True Freedom!
2. Take Risks! I mean how many times have you been given an opportunity & you stopped yourself for whatever reason?…I bet the answer is many times..Learn to jump and figure the rest out later..Sometimes it’s now or never..So Go for it!
3. Show Up and Be on time! (Ok the second part I’m still working on if I’m completely honest 🤦🏻‍♀️ ) Showing up tho & giving everything your best shot..That’s the ultimate feeling
4. Don’t listen to what others say..I’ve learned people will always have an “Opinion” be negative or tell you what to with your life…Now don’t get me wrong, good feedback or constructive criticism is great but Don’t listen to the Naysayers..Trust me on this one, If I listened to them I wouldn’t have gone anywhere in Life..This is your journey and yours alone.. You are responsible for your outcomes, Make sure you’re writing Your Greatest story!
5. Be whatever you are..If you’re weird be weird!( simple as that)  Be unapologetic about these things. I think I’m very Unique & far from typical (sometimes a little too silly & I laugh way too much when I shouldn’t )but I kinda Love it! Be yourself & Be okay with that! Own your personality, Own your flaws Just own it & all of it!
6. Don’t try to impress others! ..Some will love you no matter what & others won’t…It’s Life…That’s why it’s so Important to watch your Company..You are the people you are around..The right people will support you, lift you up, will be there through good and bad, tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it and be there to celebrate with you of course!
7. For everything there is a Time and A Season, so don’t rush things…I’m a firm believer in timing…The right time will create the right opportunities..Be patient some things will be worth the wait
8. Be Kind everyone is battling something…Listen I know I have my days I wish no one would talk to me & the last thing I want to do is engage in conversation…However “kindness is everything ” & I don’t say it loosely..We all have our struggles, some of us just hide them better..When we are ok with those things we can actually work on them and they don’t own us…So it’s Definitely Ok not to have it all together all the time..In fact I think it’s healthy to lose yourself here and there so you can reconstruct from the bottom( the only way is up) ..Do things wiser 🙌🏼
9. Be the first to Smile, to talk to someone, to start a conversation, be bold.You never know what that can lead you to.That person may very well be your next boss, best friend,next business partner, special someone etc. You really never know trust me some of the best people I’ve met in life have been because I took the initiative!

Our Scars


Our scars they shape us, they teach us, they break us & sometimes repair us, they are carried well within us…Some of us are built tougher than others but we all have them..Some of our scars remind us of tragic events while others are bittersweet bringing back certain thoughts or memories..Yet these scars in my personal opinion are Crucial in life for growth & development and of course for Good Ole Learning. I am one to believe we must embrace pain & learn to cope as everything in life is a balance of both Good and Bad…So maybe our Scars they aren’t so bad after all…They are there, implanted in our brains.At times they give us hope (depending on the circumstance) At Times they may paralyze us due to a prior events that may have ended in the wrong direction.Whatever the outcome, Scars I️ do love them. You see because just like these pages they are written inside each of us painted into our souls.Somehow these scars are made Beautiful, They are deep & well put into us..There is something so perfect about these Scars, They tell a story and just like finger prints no two scars are ever the same..Each one carries its individual impact..If you ask me to be honest I’d be the first to admit, I’m actually proud of all my scars!They remind me how strong & resilient I️ can be.I’m reminded how some battles are won and some not so much nevertheless  I’m reminded of My Scars &  they’re Beautiful! 💪🏼❤️✨A736D485-7943-4E99-8CA2-350A0FB36505 ❤️💪🏼✨

This Experiment called “Life”

948DF8C9-DBFF-41D4-84FC-46324E2079ADThe best way I can describe Life is… it’s one ” Big Experiment” A constant journey of growth and never ending learning.Some days we are so High on life & some days we look like The Grinch who stole Christmas haha (yes we all have our days)Will we be making mistakes? I say, Absolutely! I really hope we are making them and lots of them because if we aren’t, are we even Living? Or just getting by or even worse being Stagnant…Staying in one place letting our fears take over…Now let me clarify in no way, shape or form am I telling you to be reckless with your life but what I am saying is I hope that when you do have a chance you take a New opportunity you take it without the fear of failing, I believe the only way we can really fail is by never trying anything…So I hope that you take this one life that you’re given and experience it, savor it, cherish it and Live as best as possible! I hope that Fear is not your strong hold to keep you prisoner of somewhere you shouldn’t be…I hope that you look back someday with A Big Smile knowing that you really LIVED! And “Lived a Great Story “👍

Shifting into a better ME!

9FAAF52C-3CC4-4888-9A0B-5F3A1EBC1DBAOver the last year I’ve began to shift into a Happier, More fulfilling & Definitely much better place in Life. I think I’ve changed so much in the last year and have grown so much ( not literally I’m still a little shorty haha ) So I feel it’s only right to share & hopefully help others who are on the same or similar path in Life.. Life is tasting better & the great thing is others are getting a better version of Me as well…Writing to me has always been both a passion of Mine and Outlet & Lately also a way of helping others…With that being Said I’ve decided to start this Journey of blogging & sharing My thoughts and parts of My story…I Hope that you guys will be able to relate, laugh a little ( very important to always laugh even thru the hardships) and of course Learn from my bits of pieces of What I like to call my Own little “Words of Wisdom”. A Little background about Me & Some Fun Facts : I was born and raised in New Jersey but living in Sunny FL these days…My parents are from Lovely Cuba & Beautiful Ecuador, which makes me A Proud Latina! I was blessed with some pretty strict but awesome parentals & thanks to them I speak Spanish fluently & was introduced to some pretty amazing food and some Cuban coffee that will literally have me flying all day.”Cafecito is Life “these days especially when I need some extra power haha…Okay Okay here we go back to “Business” You will most likely find me being a workaholic, been doing it since 14 yrs old.. Currently I’m working in the medical field while pursuing a few other personal goals which I will share later.. You can also find me either being a Foodie & trying new restaurants or cheffing it up in my kitchen.. On Weekends you can find me at church, My faith is BIG to Me & part of the reason I am where I am…You may also find me volunteering giving back which has also become a Big part of Me, Exploring a New Place & what it has to offer or at Some Cool Seminar learning.. I Love Learning! Which brings me to being such a Gyspy Soul.. Yes I’m very much a traveler, and I really enjoy Taking trips to new places enjoying the culture and people etc. so You may bump into me at the airport or in a plane haha ( just kidding okay maybe not, it’s actually happened before) You can find me either running or attempting to be a runner or at the gym ( it’s literally my De-stresser)
Where else can you find Me? Hmmm At the beach either napping ( ahh the simplicities of life) or taking in either a beautiful sunset or sunrise…Not sure which I love most…Writing by the sea is my place of Tranquility and that’s where my mind is most at ease so my thoughts become words & my words become part of My story on paper….I would say last but not least you can find me sitting for minutes that sometimes turn into hours of talking to people.It ranges  from my very best friends/family members/coworkers to complete strangers about Life experiences and most times it will turn into some very stimulating conversations ( these of course are My personal favorite) Giving them some very honest or  practical advice, making them laugh or helping them plan when they are in a Funk…I’ve been called the “The Positive Fairy” & have been asked “Why are you always so happy”? I strongly disliked it at first but now I see it’s part of Me & I want to embrace it & this is one of the many reasons I’ve decided to make this Blog a reality…So I Welcome you, sit back, enjoy, grab a coffee or drink of choice & follow Me thru My Journey of Words! May my words Inspire you, fill you with Hope & Make you want to try again!